Please Read This Before Posting

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Please Read This Before Posting

Postby Administrator » January 19th, 2010, 12:09 pm

We appreciate each and every post you place, but if you find your post is deleted, it's probably due to violation of one of our few posting rules.

1) RapidShare links cannot be over 100MB. I know they change this from time to time, but the rule here is 100MB per RapidShare link. Other hosters may have similar restrictions that I am not aware of. Try not to make the videos unreachable by free users. If you have to break your video into several chunks, we prefer using WinRAR in "store" mode. I don't like HJ-Split because it offers NO checksum or verification CRC's. Click here for helpful tools.

2) All posts must have a picture preview. There's few things more frustrating than to download a video that you already have or have already seen. Click here for helpful tools.

3) Although the forum software should have safe guards against it, there is no need to "bump" your post. If I see this happening, I will delete your post. If it continues to happen, you'll be removed from the forum and banned. The only valid reason for a bumped post is if your links were removed by your hoster and you have updated links in which case you would EDIT your original message. Do NOT reply to it.

4) Each video, or collection of videos, should have their own post. Cleaner this way. Make the titles somewhat descriptive. For example: "3 Seventeen Videos, RapidShare and Megaload Links" is a great title. "h0t ch1ck vid" is a horrible title and will probably be deleted or edited. No need for all CAPS unless your are referencing an acronym (DVD, CD, etc.).

Easy enough. Not a lot of rules. Just enough to keep things easy to find and clean looking.
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